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Video Of Tracey Boakye Jamming To Barima Sidney’s ‘Papa No’ Song Goes Viral – Watch!


Okay! it all about the ‘Papa No’ saga and a video of one of the ladies involved in the saga who is an actress and a movie producer, Tracey Boakye sees her happily jamming to Barima Sidney’s ‘Papa No’ song and it’s a must watch video.

In the trending video one could see Tracey Boakye happily jamming to the Papa No song with her crazy dance moves. It quite obvious that Actress is really enjoying her trend and the issue as well.

Even though the Papa No song was not directed to any body in particular it’s believed that it was however released to address the issue at hand following the fact that, the lyrics and the title of the song is related to the ongoing brouhaha.

Having said that, it’s not really clear whether she was really jamming to the said song since after the release of the music, people have been using the songs on all sort of video and photo to spark controversies.

However, the Ghanaian musician who sang the ‘Papa No’ song, Barima Sidney, has been slapped with a lawsuit. Even though the said music was not directed at anybody in particular, Sidney said the fact that people attached pictures of some personalities to his song attracted the legal suit.

Well watch the video below …


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