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It’s High Time Men Stop Proposing In Public; See How A Man Got Embarrassed By His Girlfriend(Video)


A video making rounds on social media, sees a lady who was dressed in a blue gown walked out on his kneeling boyfriend who remained rooted to the spot after his marriage proposal was rejected.

The gentleman begged for acceptance and cried out with pain and shame. The crowd that was drawn to the scene tried persuading the lady to give her decision a reconsideration but never worked.

Most ladies reject public marriage proposals not because they do not want it, but they do not appreciate the glaring eyeballs of the public to be fixated on her.

Others also feel so nervous and in most instances do not know what to do but to reject the proposal and apologize later.

If you are a gentleman, who wants to propose to a lady and you do not want to endure this kind of embarrassment, understand her temperament first and get to know whether she likes to be the centre of attention or not.


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