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I introduced Okomfo Kwadae to drugs – Lord Kenya pitifully reveals


Rev. Evangelist Lord Kenya says he wanted to help Okomfo Kwadee born Jerry John Anaba because he introduced him to drugs when he was a secular artiste, Ghcelebinfo.online reports.

The “Born Again’ singer said he felt it as a responsibility to help his brother go through the process of rehabilitation because he was part of the reason why he had ended up an addict.

“Okomfo Kwadee was introduced to me in Kumasi by his producer and I introduced him to the use of these drugs. I felt helping him was my responsibility because I played a role in his current state.”

Lord Kenya however, indicated that he continue to keep his brother in prayers and is sure of victory in the fight for his health.

It could be remembered that Lord Kenya in an interview indicated that the family of Kwadee was peeved about people helping him and sought an injunction to prevent them from coming close to him.

However, mother of the rapper refuted the claims saying “I am not the one bewitching my son and I would want my son to recover more than anyone. Although we have had an estranged relationship in the past, Kwadee in his prime never turned his back to the family so it will be in my best interest to ensure that my son returns to normalcy so he can take care of us now that we are aging.

“We need help and graciously Hammer Nti and his team are helping us but that alone cannot be enough so how can I turn people who have offered to help my son away?

“I have not threatened to sue Lord Kenya. I can’t do that because I am the one who called on him in the first place to assist my son because I believed he had in the past experienced and survived an [rehabilitation] experience before.

“The injunction was against unsuspecting persons who have been profiting from Kwadee without the family’s notice and consent and also the rehab facility who has been releasing my son to these persons.

“I took them to legal aid to ensure that my son focuses and recovers.” Madam Cecilia Atootalega told DJ Slim.


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