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Tracey Boakye narrates on how she met Mahama. “Papa No”?


President of the EastLegon landladies Association, Tracey Boakye has finally decided to be reasonable by delving into the whole Papa No saga.

The mother of two has set the records straight with respect to who really is Papa No and who is not.

In an interview with Ohemaa Woyej3, Tracey states without mincing words that she has no love or romantic relationship with former president Mahama.

She says that when she started supporting him, she did not even know him until the creative arts industry all met him at Kumasi airport.

“When I started supporting John Mahama I didn’t even know him till I together with the creative art industry met him at the Kumasi airport”. 

When asked if he is in any way the father of her daughter, she responded in the negative.

Adding that, he is innocent of all the allegations leveled at him.

“He is not even my boyfriend, so how does he fathers my child? So, the Papa No is not John Dramani Mahama”

“The reason why I got so angry is that they know it is an election year and they wanted to drag the man’s name in the mad.

“They know they have no evidence of what they are saying but because they want to destroy the reputation of John Mahama, they were just spreading falsehood and rumors.

She says she is into dating older men because the young ones are not serious whereas the older men are serious and rich on top.

“The young guys are not serious at all and they can give you problems. That’s why I like older men.

Now that she has cleared the air, we all hope we can move on from this!


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