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‘We can make people Stars’ – Mr Fudjuor mocks Celebrities for making a fool out of them


Mr Fudjour has been trending for the past 48 hours for giving fake awards to High profiled personalities for the past few months , nanansem.com can report .

Mr Fudjuor claimed to have acted under auspices and direction of the United Nations and Late Dr Kofi Annan with an award scheme labeled  Global Blueprint Excellence Awards, nanansem.com reported .

According to Dr. Kwame Owusu Fodjuor some Ghanaian personalities and media houses deserved to be awarded by his scheme hence, the need for the ‘7th Global Leadership service to Humanitarian Award’ .

Well these award turned out to be a scam and most people have chastised him for making a fool out of these top personalities in Ghana ranging from the Clergy , celebrities and Government officials.

Interestingly a new video sighted by nanansem.com shows Mr Fudjuor has finally confirmed his award scheme was a scam and has boasted about how we made this celebrities fall flat for his scam.

He made fun of rapper Dblack and Nataniel Attoh and said He has made them stars , nanansem.com can report .

‘We make people stars , why have they kept these people in their shelves’ , Mr Fudjuor bragged in the Video .

Most people after sighting this video have called for the arrest of Mr Fudjuor , nanansem.com can report .

Watch the Video below :


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