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Lady Begs For Help As Police Refuse To Arrest Mentally ill Man Who Assaults Them


It really a heartbreaking video as residents beg for help from society as they go through hard times in the comfort of their home.

In a number of videos sighted on social media via Facebook, a lady Identified by her Facebook name as Nana Ama has used her handle to draw the attention of many on an incident that has been happening in her house for the past 3 months now and the Ghana police services are not doing anything about it.

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According to Nana Ama, her and her family lives in a neighborhood where a mentally unstable man lives there too and has been violently assaulting them yet Ghana Police service has keep mute.

She stated that her family has reported the case to the Legon police station about 5 to 6 times and the officers at the police station are doing nothing about their issue claiming the said man can’t be arrested because he is mentally unstable. 

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Nana Ama however stated that, the mentally unstable neighbor of hers was arrested once and all what the inspector could say is the boy is mentally ill,so he should be bailed out.

Watching the video, one could see the supposed mentally ill man beating up a young lady in a disturbing manner and he could be heard saying the young lady been beaten is a disrespectful lady. He extended the beatings to a woman who is believed to be the mother of Nana Ama.

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