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Deadly accidents will take place in this areas from any moment – Popular Prophet back from “Atwea” mountains with a revelation


In this very Election year, All Political Parties in Ghana are endeavouring to come out victorious with all aggressiveness.

In Ghana the two Policemen Party Giants is the; New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC). This two Parties have been rivals for over a decade now due to how they normally lead other Parties in vote counts.

Since the start of this year, numerous Prophets have predicted what will happened till the General Election to the extent of predicting the winner based on their self acclaimed Prophecies.

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Meanwhile, a popular Prophet who is very clouted in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Kumasi showed on Cindy Cash TV to narrate a revelation God revealed to him after he went on a two weeks fasting and prayers at the “Atwea Mountains”.

According To Osofo Nyansa, MTTD must be vigilant and strict in this year general Elections because they are going to be more bloody accidents in the latter days of this election year.

Speaking he revealed that, The devil has raise forces against the residents of Kumasi as it has been bound to cause several misfortunes ahead of the Electon but prayers and vigilantism can control it.

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Prophet Nyansa then urged drivers who normally drive on the Obuasi, Anwea Nkwanta, Abusease main road must be very careful and take precautions when driving because if they don’t take care, they will make people to lose their lives drastically due what is bound to happen.

Elaborating on this, he stated that if he had the power to stop it, he would have done it but it will take more great Prophets and the people of Kumasi to come together and cast out the tragedy revelation.

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Watch video below;


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