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‘If I don’t kill your sister then I’m fake’-Video of Pastor Ofori fighting Barbara’s brother pops up


It could be recalled that a US-based Ghanaian Pastor identified as Sylvester Ofori has shot his beautiful wife Barbara Tommey dead for a reason best known to himself and it got a lot of people talking on social media. 

However a number of videos from the camp of the late Barbara and her husband has popped up after her sudden death and it really a disturbing one. The video sees the brother of Barbara, herself and her husband as they could be seen exchanging words.

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Apparently the brother of the late Barbara was trying to help her sister out off the hands of her wicked husband but Barbara was not in support.

During the exchange of words between the supposed pastor and the brother of his wife, the pastor threatened to kill his wife in from of her and her brother of which Barbara’s brother asked her to call the police since she recorded a video of them while they were exchanging word, shockingly enough, Barbara who was being maltreated and bullied by her husband said…”No! I dnt want things to escalate” 

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Watch the video below ..


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