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When I catch Dr.UN I will slap him – Sarkodie admits after Dr.UN wasted his precious time with empty bottle award


Sarkodie has for the first time honestly reacted to the Dr UN saga which made a big fool out of him.

Sarkodie has admitted that the confidence trickster known as Dr Kwame Owusu Fordjour really scammed him and made a big fool out of him.

Sarkodie was one of the biggest victims of the man known as DR UN, Kwame Owusu Fordjour. Fordjour held a fake Kofi Annan-UN Humanitarian awards which Sarkodie proudly attended and received a feeding bottle as his award.

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Sarkodie proudly posted his feeding bottle award online and even when the awards was exposed as fake, he refused to take the photos down until over a day had passed.

His pride stopped him from accepting he had erred but he’s now accepting his fault.

Sarkodie has released a new track titled ‘Gimme Way’ featuring Bright, the same former Buk Bak talent who helped him on ‘Oofeetso’.

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In the song, Sarkodie raps that he thought he was a ‘hard guy’ until Dr UN scammed him with a feeding bottle.

He also said if he ever meets the guy again, he would give him a slap on the neck.

Sarkodie for once has accepted he’s human and makes mistakes, but even then he can only do it in a song.

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Listen below…


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