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Afia Schwarzenegger advises women to divorce their husbands if they are in a toxic marriage


Media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger has told women via an Instagram post to leave their marriages if they have abusive husbands.

She’s saying this in reaction to the US-based Ghanaian Pastor, Sylvester Ofori’s wicked act of killing his wife Barbara Tommey after years of abusing her in their marriage.

Afia has remarked that women should know that if they die as a result of abuse from their husbands, society would just mourn with them and life would go on as usual.

So it’s better for these women in such circumstances to come out safe and alive.

The comedienne further added that the best blessing she has given herself is divorce so her fellow women should learn from her and take the bold step. She also stressed on the fact that women should report their abusers to the appropriate authorities.

Read her full post below:

“Dear women,

Marriage do not define us,it is not a yardstick for success…A man that can hit you can kill you….Anyone that abuses you also block your blessings as well ….No man that loves you will use unprintable words on you nor raise his filthy hands on you

Do not be fooled by society..because all you will get from society is Sorry ,RIP ,Damrifa Due etc ..And please report your abusers, don’t take any threat for granted.

To think that this beautiful damsel died in the hands of this ugly man with extra teeth is so so sad ..

Till today i will say the best gift I gave myself is DIVORCE…

Learn from me…Leave To Live.



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