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Women Are Falling In Love With Me Just Because Of My Hair Which Costs USD 2,500 – Nana Boroo Brags


Nana Boro broke through the Ghanaian music scene with his hit song ‘Aha Yede’ way back and went into hiding after suffering a severe car accident.

In an interview with Accra based Okay FM, Nana Boroo said a lot of women in Ghana love to look good by rocking in good human hair but the cost associated with it it too expensive for most of them to afford.

Speaking about his new braid hairstyle made with human hair, the ‘Babia Soso’ hit maker said it has attracted love from women and if the government is able to reduce tax on importation of human hair, most women in Ghana would be happy.

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“Do you know how many women who are falling in love with me just because of my hair?”he told Abeiku Santana. “It is the reason why I’m campaigning for them.” Nana Boro stated.

According to him, his hair alone costs USD 2,500 converting into Cedis is approximately 15,000 cedis.

He said: “Abeiku, the hair I’m wearing costs almost 2,500 US dollars. How many women can afford to purchase it?” .

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“So, import taxes on human hair should be reduced to make it affordable for women. I’m not talking about the artificial hair – I’m talking about original, expensive human hair.”

“There are a lot of women in my DM, asking where they can get the type of hair I’m wearing,” he concluded.


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