News about a US based Ghanaian pastor who shot his wife has spread like wildfire and is what has got everyone talking these past few days.

Pastor Sylvester Ofori reportedly shot his wife (the deceased) 7 times until she drew her last breath. One thing people didnt really know was the full story and motive he did such an inhumane act.

Pastor Ofori has finally been given the opportunity to tell the world why he decided to end Barbara’s life.

These reports further indicate, Barbara eventually got pregnant for the choir director. What made Sylvester aware of this relationship was when his wife mistakenly forwarded bedroom photos of herself and her alleged lover to him.

That is when all of hell broke loose.

Friends what will you do as as a Pastor if you find out that your wife is pregnant for your choir director? And she sends you her nude pictures which were intended for him rather.

To put more pepper in your eyes, they both were having their sexual escapades in your Matrimonial home.

In the video you received by mistake, they were in your jacuzzi.

It indeed is going to be hurtful, but does it justify his reaction at all by killing her?

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