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Don’t join a man in his house without your parents’ blessings – Shatta Michy advises young ladies.


Shatta Michy has shared a piece of advice with young ladies from her own experience and according to her, ladies should not join a man in his house without their parent’s blessings.

This act of ladies joining guys whom they’re not married to in their house has become normal in our present day.

Mostly, those relationships end in tears for the ladies obviously because the man has enjoyed enough of them so the only choice left is to dump them and move to another lady of their interest.

Speaking on Emelia Brobbey’s Okukuseku show, Michy noted that she was very young (she was 17) when she met and fell in love with Shatta Wale.

shatta michy - Don’t join a man in his house without your parents’ blessings – Shatta Michy advises young ladies.
Shatta Michy

She stubbornly moved in to stay with him against the advise of her mother who was against her joining Shatta Wale and his showbiz but as a young girl, she wanted to explore hence joining the dancehall start’s life.

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She advised ladies that it’s very important for them to have the blessings of their parents before they move in with a man since it’s those blessings that would lead them in life into great heights.

“I will want to advise every young lady out there that it’s important to receive the blessings of your parents especially your mother before you leave your house for any man’s house or into any relationship,” she said in the interview.

Speaking on why she left Shatta Wale after their decades of dating, she said she decided to leave the dancehall musician not because of cheating as widely rumored but rather she felt like the purpose they had together was done. Hence, the need for her to re-focus on other things so that Shatta Wale can also live his life.

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“Shatta Wale has suffered. So I just want to allow him to live and enjoy his life”, she said.

Emelia then pushed Michy to the wall asking her that is money and fame part of her purposes of dating the musician? Because if not for him, we wouldn’t have known her.

In response, Michy said as at the time she met Shatta, he was broke, living in a single room in Nima. Yet, she accepted his proposal and stayed with him until he attained higher heights.

She explained that when she met Shatta, she realized that he was a young man full of talents and aims and he needed someone who can encourage him to do more.

So having seen that, she made it her decision to support Wale in every way she can. So she was there when there was no money and fame — so that wasn’t her goal of dating the music icon.

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She however noted that dating him has come with fame which has made her who she is today, so she’s grateful.

Speaking of if she and Wale would ever get back together, Michy said that may not be possible but if it’s the will of God, she won’t battle it.


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