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Man Watches as his wife and sidechiq fight over him – Sidechiq pushes wife into a pool (Video)


A video making rounds on social media has some people laughing as a wife and a sidechick got into a fight.

The incident occurred at a hotel, probably in Nigeria.

The husband and the sidechick were on a date happily enjoying themselves when the wife appeared out of the blue, probably after tracking her husband or being tipped off.

As usual, the wife left the husband alone and went after the sidechick instead. Why do ladies always attack the stranger and leave their cheating spouse rather alone?

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Anyway, the sidechick did not quietly standby, she managed to hit back at the wife, pushing her into the hotel’s pool!

The husband was then asking his sidechick why she pushed the wife into the pool? Hello, was he sleeping during the fight?

It’s a hilarious video all around.



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