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It’s A Lie! Don Little Never Met US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden


Ghanaian actor, Don Little who recently returned from the US re-posted photos of the U.S presidential candidate, Joe Biden kneeling in front of a little boy and captioned it “I met US presidential candidate Joe Biden in the state”.

After the post made several headlines, check online prove that the diminutive actor’s claims are not true at all.

Joe Biden first shared the photo 3 days ago to comment on how children inspire his political ambition. He wrote:

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“Our children are a constant reminder of why I’m in this fight. We need to build an economy that gives them and their families a fair shot. We need to root out systemic racism so they grow up in a more just nation than we have now. We need to combat climate change so there’s a world left for them to thrive in. I believe in a better future for our children and will fight for them until the very end.”

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According to Reuters report, the photo shared by Joe is from 2 months ago when he visited the neighbourhood where he grew up while campaigning in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on July 9, 2020.  A small group of supporters were joined by members of the press outside the now home of Anne Kearns.

This video from the visit shows Biden talking to one the children. According to to the boy and his family,  he is 3 years old, clearly not the Ghanaian actor, Don Little.

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