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Watch How Side Guy Escaped Through Balcony Of A Storey Building After Lover’s Husband Caught Him


Lately married man and woman even cheat more than those in relationships even though they vow during their wedding ceremony to be with their partners regardless the situation until death do them apart.

Not long a go a video of a side click escaping through a window after his lover’s wife knocked went viral on social media.

The video which trended on social media showed the moment the lady hurriedly jumped from the window of his lover to land outside the room with someone in the background recording the technique she used to scale the window wall to get out.

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However, a similar situation has happened and this time around it not from Africa but one of the countries in the western would. 

The video that has gone viral again see the hilarious moment a guy tried escaping beatings through a balcony of a storey building as he was seen with his boxer shorts only with his clothes thrown down by his lover.

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He was given a rope like thing to help him land safely but the husband of his lover tried all he could to track him back for beating and trust me it really hilarious. 

Watch the hilarious video below


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