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Lady cries her heart out after the “Love of Her Life” dumped her


Broken heart, lately has become the new normal that everyone is bound to experience if an individual decide to go into a relationship with anyone they love.

Not long ago we all heard about the broken heart story of a Ghanaian woman abroad who got her heart broken from her sugar boy identified as Nicholas.

According to the woman’s revelations in a video on how she got dumped, Nicholas left her [the woman] for another lady he loved the most. 

Well, another serious broken heart story has surfaced on the internet again and it’s fast catching the mass attention on social media.

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This involves a young lady, who perhaps might be an SHS student crying over her lover also likely to be an SHS student who used and dumped her. The lady is in a state of dysphoria.

In the video below the lady is seen uncontrollably weeping bitterly. The way the lady is crying is like her world has ended for her. I wonder if she could cry that hard if it were to be a funeral of a loved one.

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The trending video in it’s first part showed both [the lady and boyfriend] enjoying and having all the best of fun they could get, but the end part of the video shows the sad story, the guy has left her for another. #Itendedintears.



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