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‘Fearo’ Afia Schwar Runs Away from Mzbel – Deletes All her Allegations Few Hours After Posting


Loudmouth Afia Schwar has shockingly delete all allegations she leveled again her friend turn enemy Mzbel few hours after posting.

Afia, like the coward that she is, used a few hours to make a million posts about Mzbel and after some few hours, she has deleted all of them from her timeline like it never happened.

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However, it’s not know what actually pushed Afia Schwarzenegger to delete all those allegations after making noise of social media last night and this morning.

She will come out to say ‘so so and so’ took me to stop..lol

In case you’re not aware, Afia has been hitting Mzbel on social media nonstop since early this morning after Mzbel denied of stealing her boyfriend when she claims Mzbel did – Reason for ending friendship with her.


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