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It has ended in tears: Patapa’s German Girlfriend spotted with her new boyfriend in bedroom Photos


Ghanaian musician Patapa and his girlfriend have served Ghanaians on social media with countless couple goals as both usually are seen ‘chilling’ together in photos shared to the media space.

Well, Patapa’s girlfriend seems to be done with Patapa and has now jumped to another guy who is reported to be a Nigerian; Patapa’s girlfriend Liha Miller for the past two days has been flaunting a man on her instagram page – obviously not Patapeezy, rather a Nigerian musician who has been identified as Hot Boy.

Liha shared a photo recently where she was posing with her new alleged boyfriend and this has somehow confirmed the rumours that patapa has been dumbed.

She captioned the photo:

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“Happy Birthday To One Of The Most Talented & Hard Working Boy I Know. @officialsoft_ Thank You For Being Such An Amazing Friend To Me. Thank You For Always Having My Back, Giving Me A Shoulder To Cry On, Pushing Me Every Single Day So That I Can Become The Best Vision Of Myself. Thank You For Always Being There For Me, Listening To Me, Advising Me And Never Judging Me For My Decisions And Mistakes. On This Your Special Day, I Wish You Nothing But The Best And I Pray That God Will Continue To Shower You With Blessings, Because You Deserve It. You Are Such A Good & Pure Soul 💯 Cheers🥂 To Many Many More Years Of A Good & Healthy Friendship To Come🙏🏽🎁❤”

See the post below:


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