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“3ka Nie!” Man breaks down in tears after losing a lotto he staked with his friend’s money (Video)


For some time now gambling has become the ish in town as many have joined due to how some lucky once make money out of it.

But whiles some are making profit out of staking soccer bets and lotto, other are also blessing following a number of video of people crying their stomach out after losing a bet or lotta they staked that has hit the Internet.

Not too long ago a young man was seen in a video crying bitterly after losing a bet he staked with his money’s business fund.

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However, another video has found it way on the Internet and it equally sees a young guy crying bitterly after losing a lotto he staked with a friend’s money given to him to keep.

Even though people do win lotto the stake, Luck, however is the main thing in gambling and the guy in question lack it as he lost the lotto and subsequently broke down in tears.

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He wailed continuously, as he had used his friend’s money to stake the lotto.

His friends, who were close by, however, broke into laughter as he cried over his loss.

Watch the video below


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