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Ghanaians insulted me when I prophesied about Coronavirus – Ofori Amponsah


Ghanaian highlife musician Ofori Amponsah says he saw the deadly coronavirus years ago but, when he prophesied about it, he was mocked and taken for granted.

According to Ofori Amponsah, who ditched music for prophetic ministry and recently made a u-turn, he prophesied about the coronavirus years ago in his romantic song, titled “Hello”, however, people insulted him.

He revealed this during an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM on Tuesday, October 6.

“Songwriting is my gift – a gift from God,” he told Abeiku. “I have a gift of prophecy, and it’s still active today. I sang about the year 2020 in my song ‘Hello’. I knew coronavirus would happen this year, but people insulted me when I prophesied about it.”

On how he received the prophecy, he said: “God spoke to my spirit, heart and instincts. I don’t want to die telling people that my gift of prophecy was my own power. My talent is God-given. People do not believe that I’m a prophet but would believe false prophets.”

The member of Tesano Baptist Church said he has stopped his prophetic ministry but now preaches a different gospel.

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“I’ve ended my evangelism career and church. The gospel I preach is the words I speak to people every day. I speak to people to encourage them, lift them when they are down and also council people in relationships. That is my gospel,” he added.

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