Home Lifestyle Just in: The mother in law of Rev. Obofour has passed on

Just in: The mother in law of Rev. Obofour has passed on


In a sad turn of events today, rumours went rife of a sad happening in the camp and circles of the popular man of God, who recently celebrated God for his gift to him.

It is rather unfortunate that, after such a joyous moment in celebration, death couldn’t wait for quite a while, as it came quickly knocking on the doors of Obofuor’s family, and sadly succeeding at taking away a loved.

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Reverend Obofuor himself, taking to the various means of communications to reaching the public, has come out to confirm that the unfortunate news of his mother-in-law has sadly passed on.

His mother-in-law who is the biological mother of Reverend Obofuor’s beloved wife Mrs Ciara, affectionately referred to as Obofowaa has therefore in principle lost her mother sadly, having recently given birth to a delightsome triplet in her honour.

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The news comes in as a hard pill to swallow, especially as no alarm bells had rung, in preceding the unfortunate event of her passing. Our sincere condolences to the family of Reverend Obofour, in this time of grief.


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