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Three People Killed In A Fatal Road Accident


Sad news keep hitting Ghanaians lately and it really getting out of hands. Mostly is a death of an individual involved in a fatal car accident. It’s about time something is been done about the massive rate at with car accidents occurs lately.

Earlier today, report hitting Ghanaians has it that, the parliamentary nominee for Yapei-Kusawgu constituency of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Savannah Region, Abu Kamara has died in a road accident with two others.

Another sad news hitting us this afternoon has it that, a female police Inspector has died in a car accident with two other.

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According to information from a eye witness at the scene, a Tanker car loaded with diesel from Tema heading towards Kumasi on reaching a spot near Amasaman on the Accra -Nsawam dual carriage road while occupying the outer lane, a motorcycle rider ahead of him knocked down a pedestrian and the motorcycle rider also fell on the road with his motorcycle.

The tanker driver in attempt to avoid running over the pedestrian and the motorcycle rider, he swerved to his nearside and crashed into a Hyundai Santafe saloon car which was moving in the same direction in the inner lane. The Hyundai driver lost control over the vehicle and ran into a ditch in inner reservation of the dual carriage road.

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The fuel tanker also lost balance and eventually fell on the Hyundai saloon car crushing the four occupants in it. A combined team of the police, Fire Service and National Ambulance managed to pull the saloon car driver from the wreckage of the saloon car and rushed him to Nsawam government hospital for treatment. 

Three other occupants of the saloon car all females were pulled out of the wreckage vehicle dead. All the bodies deposited at police hospital morgue for preservation, identification and autopsy. The fuel tanker driver and his mate escaped unhurt.

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