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Don’t start a beef you cannot end with me – Nana Tornado tells Pamela


Controversial Ghanaian entertainer, Nana Tornado has warned Pamela Odame not to cross his path for she cannot stand him.

Tornado has said that he has noted all the insults Pamela hurled on him on Atinka TV when granting an interview with Nana Adwoa but he is not ready to dirty himself with her.

The outspoken actor told ZionFelix in an interview that Pamela cannot stand before him when it comes to beef so she should not start a fight she cannot end.
Tornado emphasized again that Pamela was a big time whore when they met but she was not her friend so he did not boarder to quizz her.

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He stressed that the body guard he went out with at that night witnessed what transpired between himself and Pamela and he can testify to what he is saying.
However,  he stated it point blank that the one night stand he had with her was just kissing and romance.

Well, to the best of my knowledge, it takes the Holy Spirit of God to separate a man and a woman during a period of romance. Hmm, well, it’s fine if he says nothing happened.


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