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I Regret! Pamela Odame Cries Bitterly On Live Radio As She Narrates The Pain Nayas Has Caused Her


Kumawood actresses who are best friends recently has turned against themselves after adapted presenter, Nayas has said that if fellow actress cum model Pamela Odame doesn’t take care, she will attract curses upon herself.

Recall, Pamela Odame expressed her disappointment in Nayas after she allowed popular entertainer, Nana Tornado showed up on her show to used and sort of unpleasant tags on Pamela Odame’s fame

Nayas was the host of the show where Tornado revealed the Past life of Pamela Odame to live on TV which was actually not pleasant.

Pamela Odame who felt hurt and offended over after Nayas allowed Nana Tornado to make such a remark on the show to tarnish her reputation.

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Nayas said Pamela was supposed to be on the same show with Nana Tornado but she refused to show up in the last minute after she confirmed that she will be on the show.

Meanwhile, Pamela Odame showed up on Kingdom FM radio station to go into detail over her current feud with her best friend.

“It was never my fault not to appear on Nayas’s show but rather, I was having my personal problem and I have regretted for not showing up due to how she has reacted towards me”

“I feel really disappointed in Nayas for allowing Tornado to disgrace me on air with his lies and I never knew Nayas disliked me thus much until I offended her, I am impressed”

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“I can never forgive Nayas for dragging my name into the mad and over all having the guts to threaten me of curses, I know I did nothing to much to deserve such a cold treatment from my so called best friend”

“I have really learnt my lesson, my relationship nearly collapsed after Nayas interview with Tornado but God being so good I and my fiancee are good”

“For Nayas to choose program over friendship, then I am very heartbroken in her”

“From today I have advised myself from Nayas because she couldn’t defend me on air , so what happens when someone says something bad about me behind the scene”

“Tortoise lost his head because of friends indeed” She lambasted

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Pamela Odame couldn’t continue the interview at some certain point in time due to how she was shedding tears as the host of the program, Fiifi Pratt put the show on hold for sometime.

But it kicked started but they diverted the topic.

Watch the video below;


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