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Old Man Who Caused An Accident Tried Taking An Officer’s Gun When Caught Calling A ‘Big Man’ For Help


Some so called big men in Ghana have taken the law in their own hands doing what is not expected of them. It unfortunate this is happening in Ghana making out peaceful and beloved country not safe to live in.

A video shared online sees the moment an old man tried to collect an officer’s gun after he caused an accident and run away.

According to the one recording the video, the old man seen in the video caused an accident and nearly knock someone with his car and run away but unfortunate for him, he got caught by concern citizens and a policeman.

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When the policeman confronted him, the old man quickly pulled out his phone, trying to call his ‘big man’ so his case will be dealt with without the law. The Ghanaian guy taking the video at the scene then mounted pressure on the policeman who was standing ideal looking at the man to stop him from making the call as he collected the phone from the old man who seems to be drunk.

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After his phone was collected from him, the old man then move straight to the policeman trying the take his gun from him leading to his immediate arrest.


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