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“look at the disgrace you are bringing to the name and work of God” Prophet Oduro to other prophets


Founder of the Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has blasted colleague prophets and other men of God, who have been making predictions of the outcome of elections, both in-country and abroad.

The renowned prophet was very much infuriated as he spoke about the humiliation the Christiandom is suffering as a result of the failed ‘prophetic predictions’ some prophets publicized in respect of the US elections.

Prophet Dr. Oduro took to his Facebook channel to vent his anger and disappointment over the issue which has generated a whole lot of controversy and name calling at those prophets who have made election predictions a ‘business’. He noted that their actions have caused the faith, and thus demand they put an end to it.

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“Now look at the disgrace you are bringing to the name and work of God…all in the name of all this baseless and useless predictions which God has not spoken.”

He did not make mention of any prophet of man of God, to whom his outburst and criticism is directed at. But I hope you guess it right.

Prophet Dr. Oduro reminded them of the need to be submissive to the Almighty and put an end to the show-offs.

“You are human. You are flesh… it is God that makes something comes to pass. The fact that somebody calls himself a prophet doesn’t mean they are a demigod. You are just a human being that the Lord has ignited just a slight of his grace on you. And you should be humble…humble….humble!!!… and give God the glory.”

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He cried that, most of these prophets whom he so revered are now going wayward. He remarked that their actions are tarnishing the image of God and the office they serve.

“Most of these your prophecies started well. We loved them. We applauded them. We cherished them, celebrated them, as a matter of fact, we adored God for their lives. Then they brought in all that kind of madness, deviations, heresies, digressions, misconceptions, and all kinds of crazy filth. They tarnish the image of the pristine office which they are standing. The office which is so pure…which they stand.”


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