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Kofi B’s Alleged ‘Ghost’ Reveals Himself To Kofi Adoma at night


The Popular ABN journalist widely known as Kofi Adoma Nwanwani has been one of the best local Journalists this year so far due to how he goes into detail in serious cases to clear the air for Ghanaians over trendy buy confusing news.

The popular late Highlife artiste widely known as Kofi Boakye Yiadom aka Kofi B was reported dead at the early months of the year on the 2nd of February, 2020 after falling unconscious on stage whiles performing at a concert in Cape Coast.

Kofi B’s funeral was held this weekend on the 7th of November, 2020 after 10-months of his sudden departure. The funeral was postponed and rescheduled to 7th of November due to the COVID-19 out break.

Kofi B is finally taking his eternal rest at the Asante Agogo Cemetery.

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Meanwhile, yesterday Kofi Adomaa Nwanwani was alarmed to come and witness a the mysterious homecoming of Kofi B’s alleged biological father after 35-years of not returning from his travel to Cape Coast and couldn’t be reached as well.

Kwabena Krah Boakye was brought home by an anonymous old later who was believed to be the Ghost of Kofi B due to her disappearance after introducing Krah Boakye to his family.

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Meanwhile, Kofi Adoma after his investigation got the contact of the old lady who brought Mr. Kwabena Krah Boakye home after 35-years of his departure.

According to the woman who have been identified as Kate Manu speaking to Kofi Adoma this evening via Phone revealed that, she saw Kofi B’s father at Akatesu lorry station at the Ashanti Region sleeping on bench stranded.

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So she felt to confront him and interact with him to know of his whereabout and to see whether he needs any help.

Kate Manu who is a native of Ashanti Bekwai was able to interact with Mr Kwabena who came to Ghana from Abidjan for about 4-months now and has lost his route to Agogo his family house.

The good Samaritan, Kate Manu then tried his possible best to send him home only to find out that it was Kofi B’s biological father who got missing. According to her she don’t even know Kofi B but have heard of his music’s.

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“I am not a Ghost, I am married with 5 Children and I reside at Ashanti Bekwai but I was in hurry and didn’t revealed my identity to the family of Mr Kwabena because I needed to go and check on my grandchildren at Jumapo” She stated.

Kate Manu has finally break her silence after she was tagged as a Ghost by the people of Agogo.


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