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5 Unforgettable Quotes By The Late J.J Rawlings


Before report of the death of former President JJ Rawlings, lots of Ghanaians admired his personality as many described him as a disciplined, no-nonsense man. 

He was reported dead on Thursday, November 12, 2020, after battling a short illness.

Ghcelebinfo.online in this report makes a compilation of some famous quotes made by the late J.J Rawlings. 

1. I, Rawlings will not turn round and commit the very crime for which another man lost his life. 

2. Food is a political weapon…Africa’s foremost defence is self-sufficiency in food. Until we attain a substantial measure of freedom from food dependency, we are vulnerable to manipulation by the wealthier nations. 

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3. I would dare you to go and line up some of your finest policemen, some of your finest head of states, some of your finest, what you call it “judges”, make any allegations against me. You included. One of the questions you want to ask. Take me through a chemical interrogation, I will be the one who will pass. I wonder how many of you will pass. 

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4. Whatever form of government we adopt as a people to suit our peculiar circumstances, our basic tenet is our common yearning and concern for every individual; for politics, whatever its colour must be an avenue to serve our fellowmen.

5. It is not the absence of military interventions, which we seem to have achieved that will restore democracy, freedom, justice and development. What is required is the integrity of leadership and ability to empower the people. Leadership should have confidence in our people and not feel intimidated by empowering them” 


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