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Captain Smart descends on bloggers who are publishing fake news over his resignation from Angel FM


Ghanaian popular broadcast journalist Captain Smart has descended heavily on Ghanaian bloggers who go about writing fake stories about people without proper verifications.

Captain Smart who had been off air for some time now came online to blast bloggers who writes fake stories about his life.

Fake blogs started writing stories about his resignation from Angel Broadcasting Network which angered him to come online to blast bloggers who wrote that news. Captain Smart called those who wrote that he has resigned “monkeys” and shall be given bananas if they keep on spreading fake news about him.

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He instructed those bloggers to concentrate on writing about their own parents than writing about him because they don’t know what he goes through.

“Why don’t you write about your mother or father? Because they are not relevant you want to use me for your traffic. Let me get someone writing anything about me which is not true. I will continue insulting you until you change!” He angrily said

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He further advised such bloggers to always pick their phone and verify information before publishing and stop misleading the public


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