Home Entertainment News Emmauella Builds a five bedroom apartment for her mother

Emmauella Builds a five bedroom apartment for her mother


Remember Emanuella and Mark Angel comedy, she is growing and gradually turning into a woman, their short series trended world wide which made the little girl very popular.

Her acting and courage to even stand in front of the camera and deliver her script was marvelous, especially at her age during that time and how she performed made people lover her and their short skits.

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They travelled to other continents and enjoyed life from the name they have made for themselves through the short skits, Emanuella was featured on BBC and other international media platforms.

The young girl has done something great for her mother as she builds a full furnished house for her mother and even promised to build her a bigger mansion, this is very inspiring , looking at her age this will be least of achievements you could imagine a kid would do for herself or as a gift for her mum.


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