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5 Common Characteristics of a Ghanaian Slay queen


I know you’ve heard ‘Slay queen’ on several occasions but the question here is what’s the meaning of slay queen as used by many Ghanaians and African at large? It’s quite broad in this era of a certain class of ladies with strange ways and mannerism especially on social media platforms – Snapchat, Instagram and other platforms.

The meaning of slay queen on social media is a lady who is concerned with how expensive she appears on social media. She will go an extra mile to maintain a fake lifestyle. 

However, Slay in the dictionary mean “to kill a person or animal,” “to make someone laugh,” “to have s£x with someone,” or “to do something spectacularly well,” especially when it comes to fashion, artistic performance, or self-confidence.

Having said that, ‘slaying’ has become the in-thing, and most slay queens are loving the attention they receive for slaying their lavish lifestyle. 

Ah well, in today’s article, I will be talking about some common characteristics of a Ghanaian slay queen you should know.

Here are the most common characteristics of a Ghanaian Slay Queen.

1. Taking pictures with their legs curved and lots of filters

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Look at the pictures of most slay queens and you might think they are suffering from Rickets – the condition that causes bowed legs in some children.

These Slay queens are always thinking of how to pose for the camera that will catch the attention of many on social media. As a result, you will see them curve their legs to give a nice shape. And when she makes you her photographer, I bet you will be fed up, you’ll have to keep repeating the shots untill she is satisfied..she will then pick one picture out of the possible 100 photos you have taken.

Also filters and editing, forget! They will appear on a date looking different from what she post on her page.

2. Dumbness

Please don’t catch feelings if you are one of them but it’s a fact you should just know.

This slay Queen will have idea of anything about some top slayers. A slay queen will know the name of Kim Kardashian’s cousin’s sister or what the color of cardi B’s dress on a post she posted three months ago is but she does not know the full name of Ghana’s current president or his Vice President.

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3. Oversharing on social media

This the most common character you see on a Ghanaian slay queen. In case she gets the chance to go out, She will be out there trying to make others feel inferior and peer pressured by fake material things.

You will see her post “the weekend has begun.”, work hard enjoy life,” and a whole lot.

4. Life of the party

Are you the party type? If yes then you will understand where I’m coming from. There will not be a party you wouldn’t see slay queens present. You will see them showcasing their shisha talent as if their lives depends on it. Despite the fact that they are puked in all the washrooms of all Ghana clubs, when a gengeton track drops you will see them twerking their soul out while shouting to the lyrics as though they was in a football pitch supporting Asamoah Gyan.

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5. Outrageous preferences for men

Slay queens have crazy standards when it comes to the kind of men they want, even when they don’t deserve such men at all. They believe that only the best of the best will suffice for their romantic life.

My guy if you don’t stay in East Legon or Airport residential more so if u don’t drive forget this big slay Queens, You will not eat ..lol. Money is number one for a Ghanaian slay queen. A slay queen doesn’t care if the guy he met is smart or a decent human being, or his source of income, as long as he looks cool and has some cash, they are in.


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