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Abronye DC ‘Threatens’ Martin Amidu


Bono Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Kwame Bafo also known as Abronye has issued a stern warning to a former government appointee by indicating that the laws of Ghana must be applied on him with all the needed force.

Speaking on the Sunday 22, November 2020, edition of the ‘Nsempa Fie’ television program on Kumasi based Wuntumi television, an angry Kwame Bafo Abronye disclosed that the laws of Ghana are clear on the right of the President to ensure every citizen of Ghana enjoys maximum protection according to the 1992 constitution of Ghana.

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He adds that former Special Prosecutor, Mr. Martin Amidu cannot deny Police protection from the President. He says if Martin Amidu insists on declining Police protection, they will make sure he is dealt with by sending Police men to his house by force.

” You are telling the whole world that if anything happens to you, the President will be held accountable. It is the duty of the President to ensure every single Ghanaian citizen is protected, according to the laws of Ghana. So, we will ensure that clause of the constitution works.

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We will ensure the protection comes by force. IGP, please follow the instruction of the President, and give Martin Amidu 24 hours protection. If he likes it or not, the laws of this country will work.

We don’t want a situation where some people will go and attack him, and he will turn round to blame the President. That protection will come by force”. Mr. Kwame Bafo noted.

It would be recalled Mr. Martin Amidu after his resignation disclosed that his life was in danger and if anything should happen to him, he will hold the President accountable.

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Soon after his statement, the President instructed the Inspector General of Police to offer Martin Amidu 24-hour protection. Mr. Martin Amidu has seen declined the offer.


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