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You Can Even Burn BOG, The Scandal Will Still Happen On Monday – Kevin Taylor


The sad news from Accra today has it that one of Bank of Ghana branches in the greater Accra region has got burnt to ashes and it has trend all over in the country.

The country has lost many resources invested into the facility that could have lasted long years but due to hazardous accident it has been burnt down.

Actually no one can tell the among of money has been lost so far in the bank burnt even to knowing the number of documents lost unless the authorities come out a statement to brief the public.

This have lead to Ghanaians US an Investigative journalist, Kevin Ekow Taylor to come out and say that they “can even go and burn” the main Bank of Ghana, he does not care for a reason. Kevin Taylor has been known for exposing scandals in the current government although he does not stay in Ghana but he was able to hunt down the goverment when it comes to corruption fight. He has so far brought many corruption deals in to know especially the the PDS scandal and fuel smuggling in the jubilee house.

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Kevin Taylor is the chief executive officer of loud silence radio and TV network and also the host of “with all due respect” where he used to take issues how it looks like without fear or favor on goverment officials especially on corruption.

According to Kevin Taylor’s message, either the bank that got burnt was a planned thing to stop him from doing his biggest scandal he promised the people of Ghana on Monday or actually some money laundering has taken place and some people are trying to do something to cover up things that is why the bank got burnt up.

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“You can even burn the BOG the scandal will still happen on monday” he said with angry emojis confirming that he is actually angry seeing the bank got burnt but he will do his grand finale scandal he promised.


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