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If this candidate wins, I will burn my Church and kill myself – Kumchacha alleges


Kumchacha is a Ghanaian pastor. He is currently one of the famous pastors in the country and people know him to be very controversial. People really also love him because of how he quote from the Bible to support his points. Just recently, this is what he has said.

On an interview, this pastor talked about the 2020 election. According to him, there are some candidates on the ballot paper who can never be President in this country. For him, he is never going to hide the truth. That is, everyone knows but they are not saying it and he is not going hide the Truth.

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Here, he mentioned one person that he is very sure that there is no way that person can become the President of Ghana. This is what he said he will do when this person wins the election in Ghana.

According to him, he will burn his church and after that, leave the world. That is, he is going to burn his church and kill himself if that person wins the election and that person is Akua Donkor.

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“ I don’t fear to tell the truth. If Akua Donkor wins this election, I’m going to resign as a pastor, burn my church and kill myself”. He said.

This is what was declared by Prophet Kumchacha on an interview. Please like, share and follow to stay in touch for more if these news.


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