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“God Is Angry With The Gov’t, He Said We Should Reject It” – Nigel Gaisie Reveals


Popular Ghanaian Prophet, prophet Nigel Gaisie is not new to this trend of dropping prophecies. The General overseer of the Prophetic Hill Chapel has on several occasions gave prophecies about happenings in the country with most of them being political but this time he cut across all spheres with his prophecies.

However most of his prophecies come to pass as a man of God and he has dropped a new prophecy on this year’s elections which is scheduled for December 7th, 4 days ahead.

According to him, God has revealed to him why Ghanaians should vote the Nana Addo led Government out of power regardless his free Senior High School policy which every household is enjoying.

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He stated that, God is not with the NPP any more become of how they attack his servants(Men and women of God) in Ghana. He added that, God told him if Ghanaians do not vote the NPP our, they will attack the church and men of God seriously.

Prophet Nigel stated that, God is angry with the current government led by Nana Addo and want Ghanaians to reject them come December 7th.

Read his full post of Facebook below

YEHOWAH ! ******#PNG#*******

Another reason why God is no more with the N P P is how they ATTACK the CHURCH and MEN OF GOD…..

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The LORD said to me and the CHURCH thus if we don’t vote this current N P P OUT*****The CHURCH and MEN OF GOD will be UNDER A SERIOUS ATTACK to the point that,the STATE will STIPULATE what and how the CHURCH must BE ADMINISTERED……This is the only way the GOVERNMENT and its ACTORS can BOLDLY come out to ATTACK MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD without ANY SOLID EVIDENCE or FOUNDATION……

God is ANGRY with this GOVERNMENT,He said we SHOULD *****REJECT IT*****

And to the BASIC PEASANTRIES PAID AGENTS who will come ONLINE to WRITE UNPRINTABLE STUFFS,to YOU I saw and I PITY you but BE TOLD thus all SINS will be FORGIVEN but not that of the HOLY GHOST…..*******PNG#*********

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God Bless You…..******PNG******

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