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Tsatsu Tsikata and Chief Justice shall not live to see 2022 – Apostle Kwame Boateng


Every new year’s eve is crowned with various prophecies to usher us into the coming year by some self acclaimed men of God in Ghana who are known popularly for their Prophetic Powers.

Ghanaian Prophets are solely responsible for doom prophecies except only few of their prophecies gives hope and prosperity to their congregants

Particularly, Ghanaian prophets prophecies about the new year and the things ahead are nothing new but doom and misfortunes which awaits the nation only if it surely come to past as they insists.

As has become common in Ghana in New Year, prophets predict happenings in the New Year to serve as warnings and to call for intercessory prayers on behalf of those involved.

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These prophecies over the years have been characterised by predictions of deaths and disasters but also of political wins.

Their prophecies and mainly based on the political grounds which normally circulates around leaders in Ghana.

It has become a standard in Ghana that each 31st of December, prophets of God give predictions for the year.

Freedom of Speech and Religion is making some so-called men of God to say a lot of nonsense these days in the name of prophecy and the earlier they’re called to order, the better for us all.

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Well, an Apostle of the Lord, Kwame Boateng has said in a trending video that Ghana’s Chief Justice, Justice Anin Yeboah and veteran lawyer, Tsatsu Tsikata would pass away this year 2021.

Apostle Kwame Boateng revealed this right at the altar to his congregation as he also dropped his new year prophecies likewise other Prophets in Ghana. Kwame Boateng is not all that famous but this very prophecy by him is going very viral.

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Watch the video below;


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