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Yaa Jackson flaunts never-seen-before tattoos on her thigh and in between her ‘melons’


Young but talented Ghanaian actress cum songstress, Yaa Jackson, has showed off a rare tattoos positioned on her left thigh and on her chest to her fans and followers in a new post which is fast going viral.

The said photos which was sighted on the Instagram page of the controversial singer saw her sitting on her bed in her room and the other sitting at a poolside.

It appeared the singer and actress wanted her fans to see her natural body and also flaunt all the tattoos she had on her body.

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The particular tattoos of interest was on her left thigh and the other on her chest, in between her melons which drew a lot of attention with many trying to decipher what the artwork meant.

Taking a critical look at the tattoo on her thigh, it was discovered that they were miniature representations of kittens – one black and the other white and the chest was a ‘Jesus Cross’

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Surprisingly, the Tear Rubber hitmaker also exhibited a tattoo on her neck and another one behind a finger on her right hand.

It is not yet known if Yaa Jackson’s tattoos have any deeper meaning and implication aside the fact that they are for aesthetics.

See The Said Photos Below ..


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