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If Ghanaians don’t see me as the true messiah, the country will never see progress – Popular Prophet insists


The Founder and Leader of Asomdwee Ntonton Nkabom Som, Nyame Somafo Yaw has uncovered the main reason behind why Ghana is as yet not progressing regarding improvement despite the fact that our political leaders are putting in valiant effort.

Talking in an interview, the well known Man of God disclosed that until Ghanaians acknowledge him as the ‘Genuine Messiah’ sent from God, the nation won’t ever encounter development and will see no improvement with regards to progress.

“At the point when I state the truth Ghanaians hardly trust me yet what Ghanaians need is for a white man to state something and they would be shivering. Heads of this nation should realize that if they don’t come to me it is extremely unlikely this nation will advance,” he expressed.

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“This nation will keep on retrogress and no it doesn’t matter if we vote 10 ten and change government’s multiple times nothing better shall be witnessed as far as advancement will occur in this nation,” he added.

He proceeded “Eve if we don’t take care, Ghana will retrogress than its present status that we’re seeing at this point. This is the means by which God Almighty has made his ways that until the nation acknowledge the religion I have presented this nation could never know Peace.”

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He promoted that the nation will continue to crawling in development if the leaders neglect to acknowledge that God is just one.

“Except if the heads of this nation take an action and it shouldn’t be simply coming to Asomdwee Ntonton Som yet to announce that God is just one and that Nyame Somafo Yaw is a genuine man of God before things will go on well in this nation, ” he noted.

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Nyame Somafo Yaw is known as one of the controversial and weird men of God in Ghana.

Watch the video below;


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