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Sad; Wendy Shay’s mother pleads with Ghanaians to intercede for her daughter’s mental health


Just recently, Songstress Wendy Shay has been very much criticized and worried after her recent posture was suggested by the masses that she is not of herself and so therefore she might be on drugs.

Earlier, Wendy Shay went on IG live where she was addressing the trend between herself and Delay and on why she unfollowed everyone on Instagram. In the video, Wendy Shay looked as if she is going through a lot indeed but denied those rumors.

Wendy Shay although since being into the spotlight has been very much controversy but not to this extent of looking and acting weird

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Obaapa Kaakyire Addo, mother of vocalist Wendy Shay, has given a harsh admonition to individuals mimicking her girl and making a wide range of wild charges against her.

The artist, born Wendy Addo, has been a trend as of late over her most recent way of life.

TV character Delay has weeped over Wendy Shay, unlike her usual self, has now began piercing some parts of her body and wearing ‘hot’ garments that she would’ve avoided when she was sane.

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A couple of days ago, Joshua of the Keche music notoriety likewise believed that Miss Addo is experiencing depression,adding that she is on drugs.

However, Madam Addo, in another video, has debunked these claims, expressing her girl has no reasons to be depressed or be on drugs.

According to her, Wendy doesn’t take alcohol and her upbringing won’t permit her to try and consider attempting drugs.

Depicting a portion of these remarks as shocking, she added they are just pointed toward destructing her little girl’s profession.

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Madam Addo focused on Ghanaians particularly should be keen on offering prayers to help her girl instead of running her down for reasons unknown.


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