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Kwesi Pratt sadly loses his Junior brother to Coronavirus


The COVID-19 pandemic is gradually becoming dreadful in recent times after the government was able to contain it for a meantime. Even though schools has reopened but the nation is not yet free from the coronavirus pandemic due to how the cases keeps on rising day by day.

Coronavirus had no respect for humans it can get affect and get rid of you regardless of your gender and status. This coronavirus has getting rid of Millions of Millions of people across nations. Some prominent people in Ghana have even been killed by the virus which obviously tells how dreadful the pandemic has been for all this while.

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Some natives still don’t believe that the virus still exists but upon President Akufo-Addo’s 20th address, he valiantly stated that, if the cases keeps on rising, he won’t hesitate to close down schools once again and initiate the partial lockdown once again.

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The Managing Editor of the popular Insight newspaper widely known as Kwesi Pratt Jnr, has reportedly lost his junior brother who is known as Nana Banyin Pratt. The deceased was a Public Relations Expert and lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

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Senior journalist and former Communications Director of the Ghana Gas Company Limited, Alfred Ogbamey, took to Facebook to break the news of his demise.

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He wrote:

Sadly, renowned journalist, Kwesi Pratt, has lost his younger brother, the equally known Nanabanyin Pratt, a PR expert and lecturer at GIMPA. Please, be careful out there with your face masks and safety protocols. COVID-19 is ravaging the nation on the quiet.

Though the result of his death is not yet known but Ogbamey in his post stated the need for strict adherence to the covid-19 safety protocols.

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This obviously tells that COVID-19 killed Nana Banyin Pratt.


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