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This is the main reason why Peter Otikunor is been trolled on Social media


Numerous Ghanaians who have come into contact with this trending photograph of the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC Peter Boamah Otokunor clad in kaftan and Air Force sneakers have either shook their heads in shock as to why such an honorable man will dress in such a low fashion sense

Mr Peter Boamah Otokunor shared this photograph on Twitter today and may have scrutinized his fashion creativity as Ghanaians expressed stun at his combination in the choice of outfit the energetic lawmaker settled on.

From amusing reactions to savages of his photo, numerous Ghanaians are making fun at this specific photograph particularly when it isn’t the standard for one to put on kaftan with a couple of shoes.

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However, Mr Peter is actually not baffled by these comments as he is seen flaunting his incisors with his hands neatly tucked into his pockets. His outfit was in combination with a black clear and crisp spectacles which gave him a very hilarious but neat appearance.

The Politician in an attempt to greet his fellow party members on social media has ended up trending on Twitter for his “poor” dressing.

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Peter Boamah Otukunor turned out to be famous during one of the NDC’s press conference while they were insisting not accept the results of the EC. He was known for his “DJ bo y3n ndwom” statement.

The image of him wearing a purple kaftan which look generally excellent on him yet individuals saw that he likewise wore a Nike Airforce shoe which to the masses was unseemly not the perfect combination.

Me Otikunor is yet to react to his current troll online after his own photo landed him in the grips of mockers. All the same some individuals are defending his photo by saying every mistake is a new style so Otikunor has also discovered his own way of dressing.


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