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Watch The Sad Moment Papa J Recalled The Painful Experience He Had From His Successor (Video)


The late and first president of the fourth Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings aka Papa J passed on last year 2020 after suffering a short illness. He died on November 12, 2020 at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana.

Papa J was buried few days back after an iconic and memorable four days start burial ceremony was held for him at the Black Star Square in Accra. He was buried on the fourth day of the burial ceremony, Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at the Military Cemetery in Burma Camp.

The sudden death of the founder of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) came to Ghanaians as a shock due to the fact that, news of his illness never hit them until his dead. According to graphic online, the late Rawlings was admired at the hospital few weeks after he buried his late mother.

However, the said illness that took the life of the great hero is still unknown to the general public over reason best known to the family of the late Rawlings.

Following his huge contribution to the country’s economy and democracy, many dignitaries with the likes of the president of the Republic, His Excellency Nana Addo, Vice President, Dr Bawumia, former President and succeeder of Rawlings, J A Kufour, former President and leader of Rawlings’ political party founded, John Dramani Mahama and other dignitaries were present at the four days burial ceremony to pay their last respect to the late Rawlings.

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Rawlings left behind a beautiful wife and four kids, a boy and three girls until three kids, a boy and two girls appeared at the burial ceremony claiming to be the children of the late President.

After two decade of ruling the county as the head of start, he successfully and peaceful transferred power to his opponent, Former president JA Kufour In 2001 after he was defeated in the presidential elections.

It was all joy and happiness in Ghana’s history that an incumbent government had peacefully transferred power to the opposition.

However, in a video available to me, the late Rawlings could be seen in an interview recalling a sad and heartbreaking experience he had from his succeeder, former President J A Kufour after he left office in 2001.

According to Papa J, prior to his exit from the office as head of State, His family new about a possible surgery for the former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings and had save a little amount of money for that.

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Unfortunate for them, the surgery was supposed to be done in Switzerland. The sad part of it was that, the surgery required an amount of 22,000 USD of which the former head of state had no foreign account to make that payment for the surgery to be done.

According to him he tried all he could — asking help from Friends across the world, the then government led by Former president JA Kufuor knew about his case but refused to help him out.

Rawlings added that, two days before they were expected to leave the country for the surgery that’s when he got a 3 page letter from the president’s office — conditions he’s suppose to fill for the help.

He ignored it, got theirs ticket and flew to Landon, where he stoped by a friend’s place to borrow money for his wife’s surgery since his own government refused to help him.

According to him, he had to leave his wife there after the surgery for Ghana. She was later discharged and sent to the hotel so she could be brought in for review.

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Sadly, no one was there to take his wife for the review so, the driver of the embassy who is supposed to do that had to inform the new ambassador for Switzerland under the Kufuor’s Government that, he had to take Mrs. Rawlings for review but the ambassador said No according to Late Rawlings.

So the driver had to use his personal car to send his wife for review on his behalf.

Rawlings also added that Kufour led government did all they could to extract all the former head of state’s protocols from him.

Watch the full interview below..


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