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My ‘Joystick’ can no longer erect – Recovered COVID-19 patient sadly reveals


A 54-year-old COVID-19 recovered patient, Kwaku Drah, has revealed that he is suffering from erectile dysfunction after recovering from coronavirus.

Drah was diagnosed with the coronavirus infection last year and got treated successfully. He, however, could not tell whether or not his erectile dysfunction is as a result of contracting the virus.

He told Johnny Hughes on the Community Connect programme on 3FM 92.7 Friday, January 29 that he sleeps with wife his wife on the same bed every day but hardly gets an erection.

“It is difficult for me to say this on your platform but I will say it. I am not functioning well but I don’t know if that is the cause.

“I am not having feelings the way I used to be, I sleep in the room without having feelings of having sex. I don’t know what to say or to attribute it to that is the cause of me not functioning,” he said.

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Asked whether he has reported his case to doctors for medical attention, he said “My brother this doctor issue, I have so many things that I used to go to the hospital for but nowadays it also involves money. After COVID-19 issues things are not well like the way it used to be but, who do you tell your story to?

“So we are just balancing, at times going to the hospitals with all kinds of tests here and there but am trying to ignore it for some time”.

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His wife also told Johnnie Hughes that: “Nowadays sleeping with a woman for a whole month and you will not have that feelings for sex I don’t think it is usual but she also takes it to be normal”.

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has disclosed that some patients who have fully recovered from the virus having troubles with erection.

Vice President of the Association, Dr. Frank Serebour is quoted to have said that “The after effect of COVID-19 is becoming serious people are suffering here and there, even some studies which suggest some men who have fully recovered from the virus infection are not experiencing penis erection for sexual pleasure.”

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He added “these are things we have to let the general public know and understand the need to adhere to all the COVID-19 safety protocols including hand washing, wearing of face mask and strict adherence to physical social distancing,” he stressed.


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