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Prophet Kofi Oduro loses his cool, slaps President Akufo-Addo in the face for being hypocritical


General Overseer of the Alabaster Prayer Ministry, Prophet Dr. Isaac Oduro has said people should not see him as an enemy of the government.

According to the man of God, people attack and insult people who criticize the government because they see them as enemies.

In his sermon on Sunday, January 31, 2021, the man of God said he means well for Ghana hence when the government is not on the right track, he ought to speak against it so the right thing would be done.

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The man of God had earlier in a Church service slammed the government for lamenting about the recent spikes in the country’s COVID-19 case count.

The man of God blamed politicians as being part of the problem considering the political campaigns held.

He had argued that the government can not blame the increase on the covid cases on only weddings, parties, and other forms of activities and leave political activities out. That, he described as hypocritical.

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Prophet Oduro said political campaigns contributed largely to the spikes and the government must accept the blame.


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