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“Oh God My Heart”- Guy In Tears After Another Guy Used GHS 1,000 To ‘Chop’ His Girlfriend, Girl Dump Him In Addiction


Indeed the ‘broken heart will reach everyone’ as a Ghanaian guy has gotten his just few days after entering the second month of this year 2021. It obvious ladies of today do not need love but money as many ladies dump their partners for another all because money.

This year just started and a Ghanaian guy whose identity is not known yet have already suffered broken heart as his beautiful girlfriend dumped him because of GHS 1,000, ten million old currency.

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According to a video available to me, the broken hearted guy was seen having a phone conversation with the said girl as he could be heard saying “ Take your time and talk to me eer..so because of GHS 1,000 you’ve allowed yourself to be used by a guy? ..I shouldn’t cal you again?..Oh God my heart! ..I wasn’t expecting this from you .. what are you doing?.. so you’ve dumped me for anther Guy?..”

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It’s obvious the guy is broke and can’t afford to give the said girl that amount of money so since someone has been able to do so, she had to dump him and follow the ‘money man’.


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