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Was It Fair For The Police To Brutalize Fanny Face Even If He Resisted Arrest Amid Emotional Trauma?


Ghanaian comedian and actor, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, popularly known as Funny Face is going through a lot lately and he has on several occasion admitted that, he’s indeed going through emotional trauma. But as we speak no one including his family is trying to help him out. 

It publicly started when he had some misunderstanding with the mother of his twins, Ella and Bella when she was pregnant leading to her disappearance. 

Ever since, the comic actor have been ranting on social media and acting weird claiming he’s going through a lot as his unborn children were dear to his heart. 

Lo and behold, the run away pregnant woman gave birth to the twins Finny Face was expecting and eventually came back home. 

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Afterwards a lot of back and forth came from the camp of the couple as video of the lady slapping the hell out of Funny face in a heated argument popped up. 

As a result of the back and forth, the lady in question later left the house to her mother’s place with the children who are dear to Funny face’s heart. 

Later, we didn’t hear from funny Face again until he made a video yesterday claiming he has lost two fights of which he got slapped by his opponent in one of the fights. He however revealed that, in the other fight, he had no choice than to to give a warning shot to protect himself. According to him, the incident was later reported to the police.

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Thought the case was settled until funny Face this morning dropped a video insulting and accusing the Ghana police for brutalising him upon his arrest. 

Later Funny Face shared a video showing how he was accosted by a number of policemen.

In the video sighted, the policeman dragging the comic actor away from his Range Rover which was parked by the roadside.

While being dragged, the comic actor resisted and fell down in the process, but he was still dragged to the police pickup nearby.

According to a man who seems to have recorded the video, the comedian received some slaps from the police.

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However, the question on many’s mouth it was it necessary for the police men to treat Funny Face that way following what he’s going through lately?

Watch the video and tell me what you also think.


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