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They say I am poverty ambassador because I sing about life and poverty – Fameye


Normally when you hear musicians sing, it is about their girls, love, money, their mansions and cars but that is not the case with Fameye.

The musician, real name Peter Famiyeh Bozah better known by his stage name, Fameye is almost always heard singing about poverty, suffering and the realities of life.

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Fameye’s style of singing about life’s harsh realities has got many people thinking he is a poor person and he himself has noticed the situation.

He took to his Twitter handle to respond to the misconception he has been grappling with since he came onto the scene. The rapper said people think he is poor because of his lyrics but he doesn’t really care.

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He wrote: “because I talk about life more often my people say I’m the real poverty Ambassador ????smh
But we move !!! Mo na mobl3#selfhelp


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