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I spent my first two years in Hospital as a sickler meant to live for only 5-years – Afia Schwarzenegger narrate


Popular Ghanaian commedienne, Queen Afia Schwarzenegger has taken to her Facebook page to share how life seem to have no hope for her but God saw her through from birth till her 39th birthday.

Afia Schwarzenegger is a very controversial actress and commedienne who live her life like she doesn’t care but deep down she is one of the generous women Ghana has made.

Today marking her 39th birthday, Afia Schwarzenegger took to her Facebook page to thank the almighty God for taking care of her even when she knew she would die before 13.

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According to her, she was a Sickler who doctors declared she would die prematurely. She said she spent her first two years living in the hospital but in all that she did not die.

She also thank God for her father who everyone rejected for being a Sickler. As a strong woman as she is, Afia Schwarzenegger stood by her father, paid bills upon bills until he was stable.

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Her message on her Facebook read;

“Dear God,The daughter of Kwadwo Agyei and Yaa Achiaa that spent her 1st 2 years in the hospital…the daughter of Mr Agyei that was presume to be a sickler, the daughter of Yaa Achiaa that spent her last kobo on medicines is 39 years today.https://res-odx.op-mobile.opera.com/pagead?w=0&h=0&pk=s3349331957248&ct=&uc=true&cc=gb&lc=en&url=https%3A%2F%2Fstories.6chcdn.feednews.com%2Fnews%2Fdetail%2F48320d07212a9ac4b8a42a180befdaab%3Fclient%3Diosnews%26features%3D28125953821%26ac%3Dwifi%26mode%3Dbody%26picture_less%3Dauto%26app_version%3D5.5.3.1002%26country%3Dgh%26language%3Den&rf=&cst=UTF-8&title=SSBTcGVuZCBNeSBGaXJzdCAyIFllYXJzIEluIEhvc3BpdGFsIEFzIEEgU2lja2xlciBNZWFudCBUbyBMaXZlIEZvciBPbmx5IDUgWWVhcnMgLSBBZmlhIFNjaHdhciAtIE9wZXJhIE5ld3MgT2ZmaWNpYWw%3D&vr=stories.6chcdn.feednews.com&bl=en-gb&sh=736&sw=414&sch=3012&scw=414&scl=0&sct=0&tz=GMT%2B0000&vph=620&vpw=414&debug=false

The girl that was meant to live for only 5 -13 years is 39 years today(butterflies in my belly).

The stubborn child of Kwadwo Agyei and Yaa Achiaa that was marked for failure…is 39 years with 3 children, a very successful comedienne, Ambassador of orphans and business woman.

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I am a walking miracle n a testament that God is real…”


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