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Agya Koo’s Record Is Unbeatable, I’ve Apologized To Him – CEO Of Miracle Films


The Kumasi Movie Industry generally known as the Kumawood for some past years now haven’t been very significant and well endorsed by Ghanaians after some management issues affected their productions level making some actors and actresses to look somewhere else due to how production was on halt.

Many suggested that the Kumawood Industry has collapsed due to how it lost it credibility and matters that arose suggesting why the industry has landed on rocks. However, the Kumawood actors and actresses were already stars so they captivated on their fame to die other Entertaining things in order to maintain them in the limelight.

Notwithstanding, the CEO of Miracle Movie Production and one of the pioneers of the Kumawood Industry famously known as Mr Samuel Nyamekye has reacted to what caused the industry to collapse as he throws his support to Agya Koo after some industry players criticized the veteran actor for being arrogant.

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According to Mr Samuel Nyamekye, Producers criticizing Agya Koo of being arrogant is not true but rather Agya Koo progressed in the Movie Industry which placed a high price on him and no matter what Agya Koo is the pillar and reason why the Kumawood Industry was significant in its glorious days.

He said; “The record Agya Koo has set in the industry in the long run is unbeatable after being the longest serving actor in the Kumawood Industry with his consistency. Like the late Santo would have been the longest serving but unfortunately, he passed on which made Agya Koo to break that record”

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“Agya Koo is the main reason why the industry was progressing because he had that favor and grace of acting which helped the industry to move forward and honestly, after he left the movie scene, it’s really affected we the producers because Agya Koo was the one most of us was looking up to due to his loyalty in the industry but some naysayers fabricated stories about him which brought him down”

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“I personally have spoken and apologize to him to come back and support the coming back of the Kumawood industry and he has understood perfectly well so Ghanaians should expect him” He added

He then urged Ghanaians to anticipate for the second coming of Kumawood movies.


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